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Careers in History

The skills that you develop as a historian are highly regarded by employers in many sectors.

Throughout your history degree you're trained to analyse evidence, organise ideas and present a coherent argument.

You'll learn to assess problems in the light of considerable amounts of information, often conflicting.

You'll be able to present complex material accurately, clearly and convincingly, both orally and on paper.

These skills are essential in a wide range of careers.

These include commercial management, administrative roles in the public and private sector, and jobs that involve dealing with people and their problems and requirements.

As a result our graduates enter a variety of careers, including:

  • finance
  • management
  • information
  • education
  • human resources
  • the media, marketing and administration

You can also make direct use of your knowledge of history in certain careers such as specialised publishing and information management, teaching and work in the heritage sector.

Undergraduate careers statistics, including reports which put the figures into context, are available for History (V100) and Politics and History (VL12)

Postgraduate careers statistics are also available.

Sian Broadhurst is a Historical Studies alumnus.

Careers Service

The Careers Service is always happy to talk to students on a one-to-one basis. Just pop in on the ground floor of King's Gate. Find out further information about: