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Dr Chloe Duckworth's presents More 4's latest TV programme, The Great British Dig

The Newcastle University archaeologist took centre stage in the recent programme that celebrated local cultural heritage.

History, Classics and Archaeology's very own Dr Chloe Duckworth was one of three archeologist presenters who featured on More 4's recent programme, The Great British Dig: History in Your Back Garden.

The programme encouraged viewers to get involved with archaeology themselves by revealing the local history burried beneath the back gardens of residents in Maidstone, Kent. Following the success of Dr Duckworth's popular YouTube channel ArchaeoDuck, it was no surprise to us that she was asked to take such a leading role in the show!

While the show was a stand-alone, single episode, there is hope that Channel 4 will commission a full series.

For more information about Dr Duckworth's role in the show, take a look at this article by Newcastle University's Press Office.

For a limited time, you can watch the programme here on the All 4 streaming service.

Congratulations to Dr Duckworth from all of us in the School of History, Classics and Archaeology!

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