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Fieldwork at Lufton Roman Villa in Somerset makes the news

Dr James Gerrard and twenty Newcastle archaeology students are currently excavating a Roman villa at Lufton. The site is a scheduled ancient monument and is of national importance. Gerrard's team have found a number of Roman coins dated from the 4th century, and are hoping to uncover further evidence of how the building was used, and how this changed over time. They have found that the building was modified significantly over its lifetime, with an iron furnace being added to a sub-divided room in the early 5th century, when Roman influence in Britain was declining. The excavation has gained significant local interest, and has been featured in a number of local news outlets. Dr Gerrard also gave an interview about their work on on BBC Radio Somerset. Read more about the project on the  university press release here, and the project  research blog here.


published on: 4 August 2016