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Fieldwork in Sicily - Case Bastione 2016

Newcastle archaeologists have just returned from a successful field trip to Sicily. A team of 15 undergraduate students, along with PhD student Raphael Hermann and staff members Dr Andrea Dolfini and Dr Lisa-Marie Shillito, spent 2 weeks excavating the site of Case Bastione, which dates from the late Neolithic to the early Bronze Age (4th - 2nd Millenia BC). The Newcastle team are collaborating with Dr Enrico Giannitrapani and Dr Filippo Ianni of Arkeos, with excavations aimed at understanding the inhabitants of the village and how they modified the local landscape. A series of clay lined pits have been uncovered, and the Newcastle team collected a series of samples for laboratory analysis which we hope will determine their function. Future research is planned to conduct further laboratory analysis of the distinctive pottery found at the site.

As well as gaining experience of fieldwork and excavation, the Newcastle students also had the opportunity to visit a number of important sites in Sicily, including the World Heritage Site of Agrigento, and excavations at the ancient city of Morgantina



published on: 4 July 2016