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This concert features new reconstructions of some of the world's oldest surviving instruments

In partnership with MOISA

Featuring new reconstructions of some of the world's oldest surviving instruments, this concert offers creative bridges between our deep musical past and the traditional music of Britain and Sweden. Listen to the podcast of this haunting concert


• Callum Armstrong:  Louvre aulos, double-chantered Scottish smallpipe, recorder
• Barnaby Brown:  Ur silver double pipe, Isturitz pipes, triplepipe, Highland bagpipe
• Gina D'oyley:  Northumbrian smallpipe
• Erika Lindgren Liljenstolpe:  fiddle

The concert was held in conjunction with the conference 'Music and the Body in Greek and Roman Antiquity' (Newcastle University, UK, 30 July 2015), in partnership with Moisa and supported generously by the Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice.







published on: 22 March 2016