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Who were the Marchers? Dr Matt Perry and the 80th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade

Four sessions took place in Jarrow library with two schools, St Bede’s and Jarrow Cross to study the Jarrow Crusade.

Catrin Galt of South Tyneside Library Service, Matt Perry of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology and Tom Kelly, playwright participated in the sessions. A variety of approaches were used, including drama and creative writing, to spark the children’s interest and imagination and to explore their responses to the Crusade, their heritage and in many cases their own family history. Each week had a different theme: who were the marchers? Jarrow then and now; the route of the march; and finally the organisation of the march. In week four, pupils made a ‘Jarrow Protest March to London’ badge based on the images of the originals. They also, in groups, produced banners using templates for the lettering. They wrote and read aloud the text for a petition for the march, using the original petition as inspiration. They produced a poster for a public meeting on the route of the march again using an example of an original public meeting poster as a guide. They were then given sashes and flat caps and marched from the library to the statue at Morrisons, singing a song that the marchers made up on the Crusade.

Pictures are at

Jarrow Crusade Project with Saint Bede’s Jarrow

And Jarrow Cross, Jarrow

published on: 22 April 2016