School of History, Classics and Archaeology


Alahan Pottery Project

This project will catalogue and interpret the unpublished ceramics from the excavation of the monumental pilgrimage complex at Alahan excavated by the late Michael Gough, former director of the British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara.

The broad research question concerns the range and nature of ceramic use at the ecclesiastical site at Alahan.

The specific questions derive from the need to understand the dating and use of the site based on small finds as well as the previous concentration on the phases of buildings and their layouts.

The project will address the use of different parts of the site though time; and the duration and nature of occupation of this ecclesiastical site.

The project has re-housed the ceramics formerly stored in the dilapidated site depot at Alahan and placed them in the new museum at Mut.

An inventory of all this material has been produced together with all other Alahan material from Silifke Museum and the BIAA Library.

The report is being prepared and will publish the ceramics according to form, fabric and archaeological context.

The information gathered from the site will be used to present a fuller picture of the local and regional ceramic trade networks through time; and to consider the nature of continued occupation at Alahan following the seventh century.