School of History, Classics and Archaeology


Ostearchaeological Analysis and Radiocarbon Dating of Early Bronze Age Human Remains in Tyne & Wear Museums Collections

This project involved the osteoarchaeological re-analysis – and in some cases the first such analysis – of human remains recorded as deriving from the Early Bronze Age in the collections.

This analysis fed into a wider project cataloguing, analysing and providing a synthesis of recorded Chalcolithic (or Terminal Neolithic) and Early Bronze Age mortuary deposits in Northeast England.

Following the osteological analysis and assessment of the archaeological information for each burial, ten samples of bone were selected for radiocarbon analysis, which was carried out at the Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. The results enhance our understanding of the chronology of different mortuary practices in the region.

The results of this project will be published as a series of articles and fed into the production of a book exploring a new theoretical and methodological approach through an analysis of Early Bronze Age mortuary deposits in Northeast England, while the detailed data on the human remains will be made available via the Archaeology Data Service webpage in 2013.