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The Society of Latin American Studies - Annual Conference April 2007

A landscape scene from Latin America.

On the 13th, 14th and 15th of April 2007, the Society of Latin American Studies celebrated its annual conference in Newcastle University.

Close to 200 participants from Europe, Latin America, North America and the UK attended 34 sessions on an unusually diverse range of topics and disciplines.

The conference was considered a complete success by all participants.

Members of the School of Historical Studies played a crucial role in the success of this conference.

Keith Brewster took the major responsibility liaising with SLAS and leading a collaborative team with Claire Brewster, Patricia Oliart and other members of the Americas Research Group from Modern Languages, Music and GPS in Newcastle.

PhD students Silvia Espelt Bombin and Ana Clelia Nascimento, and undergraduate Craig White from Historical Studies did a fantastic and widely commended job as volunteers, joined by other post graduates and undergraduates from Modern Languages, GPS, and Music.