School of History, Classics and Archaeology


The Water Supply System of Istanbul: Remote Sensing and Field Survey

This project builds on the results of earlier research programmes.

It aims to investigate further the archaeology and history of the water supply of Istanbul through the application of remote sensing and GIS (by Istanbul Technical University, Remote Sensing Department) and hydraulic studies (by Istanbul Technical University, Hydraulic Department) combined with archaeological field survey (by the University of Edinburgh and Newcastle University).

It will achieve a greater understanding of the hydraulic system which would not possible through surface surveys alone.

Water collecting reservoirs in a 3D model of the study area will be determined and hydrologic analysis of water collecting reservoirs composing the water supply system will be made.

Using rain records and geomorphologic conditions, water potential will be calculated. Using the DSI underground records the effects of the underground water on the system will be determined.

In addition we will aim to provide the GIS and cartographic information necessary to ensure a proper preservation and conservation strategy for the surviving monuments of the water supply system in Trakya (Thrace).