School of History, Classics and Archaeology


Visual Impact of Headshaping

Previous archaeological work focusing on headshaping (intentional modification of the human head shape) has failed to address the key aspect of headshaping: its visual impact.

The goal of this project is to create a VR encounter, to allow modelling of individuals with different types of headshaping, not just the head region, but the individual as a whole.

It is crucial that the reconstructions are not just singular one-offs, but that they are parameterised. Therefore aspects such as the intensity of headshaping, as well as other bodily variation such as obesity versus emaciation, headgear etc can be modelled visually.

Further, placing these parameterised individuals in different spatial environments, and constructing controlled experiments involving approaching individuals (displaying headshaping) it is hoped that aspects of the visual potential of the different headshaping types can be systematically assessed.