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Daisy-Alys Vaughan

Project title

The Shefton Vases: Diversifying a Collection’s History Through Extended Object Biographies



Daisy-Alys Vaughan

Project description

Within museums, ancient artefacts are predominantly displayed in relation to the ancient, primary time periods in which they existed. My research uses the theoretical framework of object biography to explore a broader range of narratives relating to ancient objects, both in terms of time periods, but also diversifying the stories told within those periods. Using four Athenian red-figure vases from the Shefton Collection of Greek and Etruscan Archaeology in the Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, I trace their histories, locations, and person-object interactions from antiquity to the present day. In particular, I look at how object biography can increase diversity in relation to gender and its intersection with socio-economic hierarchies. I then consider how these object biographies can be presented to museum audiences through exhibition displays.

My broader research interests include:

  • Women, gender, and class
  • Artefact studies
  • Curation and collecting

Funding awards

Shortlisted for the Postgraduate Student Award at the Newcastle University Engagement and Place Awards (2022)

AHRC Northern Bridge DTP Studentship Award (2018-2022)


Iland Research and Travel Award (2019-2020)

Conference Presentations and Public Talks

  • Classical Collections Network: Connecting Archives and Collections, online workshop (June 2021)
  • Newcastle upon Tyne Society of Antiquaries, virtual coffeehouse seminar series (June 2021)
  • TAG (Theoretical Archaeology Group) conference (December 2019)
  • Newcastle University Postgraduate Forum conference, poster presentation awarded 1st place (May 2019)
  • CIfA (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists) conference (April 2019)
  • Joseph Cowen Centre for Lifelong Learning: Explore public lecture series (February 2019)


  • Stories from the Archive online exhibition (2021-2023)
  • Greece Recreated: Classical Inspiration at Belsay Hall online exhibition (2020-2023)
  • Collecting Classical Antiquity: Brian B. Shefton 100 Years exhibition in the Great North Museum (2019)



ARA3121 Sex, Bodies, and Identities in Classical Greece (2018-2021)

CAH2009: Portfolio in Ancient History I: Commentaries (2020-2022)

CAC1012 Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology (2019-2020)

CAH2006 Hellenistic Empires from Alexander to Cleopatra (2019-2020)


Other Roles

Robinson Bequest Bursary: Internship on the Special for Everyone EDI Project (2022-2023)

AHRC TV PhD Talent Scheme Delegate (2022)

HCA Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee Member (2019-2022)

HCA Postgraduate Forum Vice-Chair and Social Media Coordinator (2019-2020)

PGR Course Representative for PhD students in History, Classics and Archaeology (2018-2019)

HaSS Student-Staff Committee Student Representative (2018-2019)


  • MA Greek Archaeology - Newcastle University, 2018 (Distinction)
    • Dissertation Title: How can the role and identity of auletrides be identified through their representation on Attic red-figure and white-ground pottery? 
  • BA (Hons) Ancient History and Archaeology - Newcastle University, 2017 (First Class)
    • Dissertation Title: Undressing Greek Vases: An investigation into the social status of women in bathing scenes on red-figure Athenian vases