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Dr David Cockcroft

Project title

Identifying patterns of personhood in the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age funerary monuments of Yorkshire


Little Blakey Howe on the North York Moors.


I examine connections between material culture, body and landscape in British Early Bronze Age. This is with reference to the archaeologically rich area of the county of Yorkshire.

Prehistory is not an exclusive interest. Previous research projects have:

  • examined the publics’ reaction to human remains in museums
  • analysed the scientific discourses surrounding Egyptian mummies and their examination

I am also interested in:

  • the teaching and writing aspect of academia
  • promoting the study of archaeology
  • other disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences


  • October 2007: ‘Antiquaries & Archaists’ – Seminar attendance
  • April 2003: ‘C-SAP: Teaching Controversial Topics’ – Seminar attendance
  • April 2009: ‘Association of Social Anthropologists 2009’ – Conference attendance
  • September 2009: ‘Death, Dying & Disposal 2009’ – Presentation of a paper
  • May 2010: Postgraduate Forum Annual Conference – Conference attendance


  • ARA1030: The Archaeology of Britain from the Romans to the 20th Century
  • ARA3025: A Social Prehistory of the British Neolithic and Early Bronze Age
  • ARA 1028: Prehistoric Britain
  • PARTNERS Summer School


  • MSc. Forensic and Biological Anthropology (Bournemouth University) 
  • Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education – Part A (Newcastle University)