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Dr Emma Nicholson

Project title

A re-evaluation of Philip V of Macedon in light of recent research in Polybian scholarship and epigraphic evidence

Philip V of Macedon

Project description

My thesis focuses on evaluating the character and policies of Philip V of Macedon. It assesses the extent to which we can trust Polybius’ depiction of the king. It responds to changing attitudes towards his reliability.

This will contribute to the recent resurgence of interest in Polybian scholarship. A substantial re-evaluation of Philip has not yet been conducted since Walbank (1940 and 1967).

Awards and funding:

2012-2015: AHRC PhD studentship (£13,590/annum plus fees) 
2005: Undergraduate Award (£1000)


2008: Driver Prize for overall achievement in the Ancient History BA programme at Royal Holloway University


2013/4: Postgraduate Form Chair and Conference Organiser 
2012/3: Postgraduate Forum Secretary


2008-2009: MA Ancient History (Royal Holloway, University of London) 
2005-2008: BA Ancient History (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Ancient Greek history and historiography, Hellenistic period, kingship and warfare