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Dr Vicky Manolopoulou

About Dr Vicky Manolopoulou

Dr Vicky Manolopoulou specializes in the History and Archaeology of Byzantine landscapes. She studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens after which she received a scholarship from the Holy Synod of Greece to study Byzantine Archaeology at Newcastle University (MA, PhD). She is currently a Hannah Seeger Davis Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2019-2020 to 2020-2021) at Princeton University.

Before joining Princeton she was a Lecturer in Byzantine History at King’s College London. Her research interests include topics on sacred landscapes, mobility, memory, emotion and digital approaches to Byzantine spaces. She has participated in various archaeological projects, public engagement and impact activities in the UK, Italy and Greece and is an external collaborator in various projects. She seated on the Advisory Board of the Institute of Classical Studies as an early career representative (2018-2020) and was nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award in the Innovative Teaching category (for the academic year 2015/2016, Newcastle University).

Dr Vicky Manolopoulou

Teaching and Supervision

2020, Princeton University, Humanistic Studies

I have been involved in the delivery and assessment of:

  • MED 227/HUM 227/HIS 227/HLS227 The Worlds of the Middle Ages. (UG course open to all stages. Course delivered online due to the pandemic).
  • 4AACHB01 Receptions of the past: the Hellenic world from Antiquity to today (Stage1 delivered in conjunction with two seminar-leaders for whom I was responsible).
  • 5AAH1070 The Last Centuries of Byzantium, 1081-1453 (Stage 2).
  • 5AAH2018 The Byzantine Empire, 600-1453 (Stage 2).
  • 7AACM701 One God, One Sea: Byzantium & Islam, 600-800 (PG course).


2017-18 (semester 2)-2018-19, King’s College London, Department of History and Department of Classics

I have been involved in designing, delivering and assessing the following modules:

In addition to supervising and assessing undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations, I also contributed to the teaching and assessment of:

  • 4AAH1002 European History 400-1500 (Stage 1).
  • 6AACAR60 Venice: History and Art (Stage 3).
  • 7AAH1002 Materials and Methods (PG course).
  • HS5120 Research Methods in Late Antique and Byzantine Studies (PG course linked to the University of London’s Intercollegiate Late Antique and Byzantine Studies MA).


2017-18 Northumbria University, Department of History

I was responsible for delivery/assessment of:

  • HIO614 Byzantium and the Crusades (Stage 3).
  • ARA2001 Archaeological Theory and Interpretation (Stage 2).
  • ARA3029 Early Medieval Churches of Europe (Stage 3).
  • ARA3016 Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours (Stage 3).
  • ARA8172 Graduate Seminar in Byzantine Archaeology (PG course).
  • ARA2091 Archaeologies of the Roman Empire: The Roman World from Augustus to Justinian (Stage 2).
  • CAG1011 Intermediate Greek Language and Literature 1 (Stage 2).
  • CAG1012 Intermediate Greek Language and Literature 2 (Stage 2).
  • CAH2006/CAH2206 In Alexander's Footsteps: Greeks and Macedonians, 400-200 BC (Stage 2).


2011-17 Newcastle University, Department of Archaeology and Department of Classics

I delivered lectures and seminars and contributed to the administration and assessment of the following modules:


Recent and Forthcoming

(Forthcoming) With Skinner, J. and Tsouparopoulou, C. (eds), Routledge Companion to Identities in Antiquity (under contract with Routledge).

(Forthcoming) Processing Constantinople: Art, Text and Archaeology (under contract with Routledge).

(Forthcoming) ‘Liturgical Processions in Constantinople: the evidence from Dresden A104’, Culture and History Digital Journal, 2, pp. tbc.

(Forthcoming) ‘Visualising and enacting emotions: the affective capacities of the lite’. In: Cairns, D., Pizone, A., Gaul, N., and Papadogiannakis, Y. (eds), Emotions Through Time. From Antiquity to Byzantium (under contract with Cambridge University Press), pp. tbc.

2019 ‘Processing time and space in Byzantine Constantinople’. In: Morris, C. and Papantoniou, G. (eds), Unlocking Sacred Landscapes. Studies in Mediterranean Archaeology Series. Nicosia: Aström Editions, pp. 155-167.

2018 With Lekakis, S., Jackson, M. and Turner, S., ‘Microcosm to Landscape. The Church called Theokepasti at Apalirou and the Apalirou Environs Project’. In: Crow, J. and Hill, D. (eds), Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean: Insular Responses to Regional Change. Athens: Norwegian Institute at Athens, pp. 239-256.

2017 Review of ‘Constantinople: Capital of Byzantium’ (second edition) by Harris, J., 2009, Medieval Archaeology , 61, 2, pp. 449-450.

2013 ‘Processing emotion: litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’. In: Nesbitt, C. and Jackson, M. (eds), Experiencing Byzantium. Farnham: Ashgate, pp. 153-172.

2012 ‘Museum note: an Islamic oil lamp from Fustat’, Archaeologia Aeliana, 41 (5th Series), pp. 285- 288.

Papers Presented

Invited papers are indicated with an asterisk (*)

2020 ‘Processions and village life in late antiquity and Byzantium’ (online), Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies seminar series, Princeton University.

2019 ‘The City as a “river of fire”: religious processions in tenth-century Constantinople’, Seeger Center for Hellenic Studies Lecture Series, Princeton University (seminar paper).*

2018 ‘Commemorative religious processions in Byzantine Constantinople’, CHS Late Antique and Byzantine Seminar Series, King’s College London (seminar paper).*

2018 ‘Religious Processions and Village Life in Late Antiquity’, Topographies in Motion Urban Movement and Mobility in Late Antiquity, Centre for Advanced Studies, LMU Munich (conference paper).

2018 ‘Exploring the spatialities of litanic troparia in tenth-century Constantinople ’, Moving through time: processions from the classical past to Byzantium, Institute of Classical Studies, London (conference paper).

2017 ‘Visualising and enacting emotions: the affective capacities of the lite’, Emotions through time: from Antiquity to Byzantium, University of Cyprus (conference paper).*

2017 ‘From Sin to Salvation: Attuning to the emotional communities in Constantinople’, Fifth biennial conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean, Ghent University (conference paper).

2017 ‘Visualising and enacting emotions: the affective capacities of the lite’, Emotions through time: From Antiquity to Byzantium, University of Vienna (conference paper).*

2017 ‘An Invincible wall: The Theotokos as a topos in the troparia of the lite’, From the Human Body to the Universe – Spatialities of Byzantine Culture, Uppsala University, (conference paper).*

2017 ‘Religious processions and memory spaces in Byzantine Constantinople’, Upper House Seminar, British School at Athens (seminar paper). *

2016 ‘Movement and prayer: the litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’, Institute of Archaeology UCL/British Museum Seminars (seminar paper).*

2015 ‘Streets as cultural places ’, 21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, University of Glasgow (conference paper).

2015 ‘The City as a church: litanies, troparia and the experience of the sacred in Constantinople’, Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar, Oxford University (seminar paper). *

2015 ‘Sensing Heaven on Earth, Landscape, Religious Movement and Sacred Identity’, Spatial Analysis of Ritual and Cult in the Mediterranean , Trinity College Dublin (conference paper).*

2014 ‘The City in Prayer: Litanies in Byzantine Constantinople ’, Roman and Later Roman Worlds Research Seminars, University of Edinburgh (seminar paper).*

2014 ‘Digging Streets from Maps: A Retrogressive Analysis of Istanbul’s Street Network’, 20th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Istanbul (conference paper).

2013 ‘Constantinople as a Landscape of Power’, XV International Graduate Conference: Landscapes of Power, Oxford University (conference paper).

2011 ‘Processing Emotion: Litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’, Experiencing Byzantium, 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle University (conference paper).

Conference Organisation

2021 Twelfth Annual International Graduate Student Conference In Modern Greek Studies (Princeton University): Friday, March 19, 2021 (initially planned for March 2020 and suspended due to COVID-19).

2018 Moving through time: processions from the classical past to Byzantium, Institute of Classical Studies, London. Co-organised with Dr Hannah Cornwell (University of Birmingham) and Dr Ioannis Papadogiannakis (King’s College London).

2015 Sacred Spaces, Sacred Places: Landscape Transformation and Inheritance (21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists), University of Glasgow. Co organised with Dr Caron Newman (Newcastle University) and Dr Yasemin Özarslan (Koç University).

2014 Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium, EMASS: Durham University, May, 2014. Co organised with Dr Sofia Turk, Dr Celia Orsini, Dr Brian Buchanan (Durham University), Dr Alison Leonard (University of York) and Dr Maria Duggan (Newcastle University).

Research Network and Seminar Organisation and Coordination

2020-21 Mediterranean Encounters: Dialogues on Material Culture, Art and Landscape, research network at Princeton University. Co-organised and coordinated with Dr Makris (University of British Columbia).

2018-19 Convenor of the Late Antique and Byzantine Studies Seminar Series at King’s College London.

Ongoing Collaborations

External Expert at the ERC Starting Grant 2020 No: 950178: HOMEACROSS, Space, memory and the legacy of the 1923 Population Exchange between Greece and Turkey. Host Institution: Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP).

External Collaborator to the Research Network Unlocking Sacred Landscapes (UNSALA), Department of Classics of Trinity College Dublin, the Laboratory of Geophysical-Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeo-environment of the Institute for Mediterranean Studies in Crete, and the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus.

External Collaborator to the Research Network Emotions Through Time: From Antiquity to Byzantium (ETT), University of Edinburgh.

Team member, Apalirou Environs Project (AEP) (2014-ongoing): Collaboration between Newcastle University, the University of Oslo, University of Edinburgh, University of Cyprus, 2nd Ephoria of Byzantine Antiquities and the Norwegian Institute at Athens.