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Dr Monica Haysom

Project title

An analysis of time and culture in late Hellenistic Athens


Agios Eleftherios

Project description

My thesis is an analysis of time and culture in late Hellenistic Athens, between about 200BC and 50BC.

The pivot or anchor of the work is a relief frieze depicting a calendar year of Athenian festivals. It is part of the extensive spolia that decorate a small church (Agios Eleftherios or Little Metropolis) in the centre of modern Athens.

The 42 images on the frieze include those depicting religious festivals and those depicting time. My study explores late Hellenistic:

  • astronomy
  • philosophy
  • history
  • art
  • religion

This study will answer the question, ‘how did an Athenian audience interpret the frieze’?

Academic background

  • Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • 1963 BSc Honours Agricultural Botany, Reading University
  • 1966 PhD, Faculty of Agriculture, Newcastle University
  • 2010 MA Greek and Roman Archaeology, Newcastle University


Sample of publications

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