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Hannah Reeve

Project title

Maintaining the Parish c.1650-c.1750


St Hilda

Project description

The parish church and churchyard lay at the heart of 17th- and 18th-century life. But social and religious historians have neglected them. My thesis will transform our understanding of:

  • these spaces
  • their role in communal life

Using archival sources and the surviving fabric, I will:

  • study the maintenance and uses of churches and churchyards in Yorkshire
  • reconstruct the experience, how they functioned as places of community, religiosity and social display
  • examine how far they provided employment for parish servants and craftspeople
  • challenge the picture of England becoming secularized during the period of 1650-1750

Research grants

  • Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership 


  • MA in Early Modern History, University of York 
  • BA (Hons) in History, Newcastle University


  • Reeve, H. Research Note: To What Extent Were Quakers Being Persecuted After 1670? Quaker Studies 2018 (23) 1, 109-120