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Jordan Bayley

Jordan Bayley

Project title

British Histories: The reception of Herodotus’ Histories into British domestic life throughout the Long Nineteenth Century.


Jordan Bayley

Project description

The project uses case studies to explore the role that Herodotean receptions played in domestic images of the British Empire throughout the long nineteenth century. This was at a time when the classics were rife in the European imagination and during which classical references were incorporated into a vast array of different mediums. This project will investigate how audiences in Britain encountered references to the Greek historian Herodotus, and how these interactions affected public thought and discussion.

This thesis will evaluate the spread of Herodotus, and Herodotean material, throughout Britain to evaluate how instances of Herodotean reception helped to shape and inform public opinion including images of Empire and political and social awareness. It will achieve this by evaluating a variety of different forms of evidence including poetry and prose, artwork, satire, evidence from public exhibitions, and media engagement across newspapers and serial magazines. In doing so it will follow an interdisciplinary approach using reception theory, postcolonial theory, literary criticism, and iconology.

Conference papers

  • Classical Reception and the importance of Interdisciplinary Research (Postgraduate Forum Conference, Newcastle University May 2017)
  • Dining on the Histories (‘Herodotus’ Egyptian logos and its afterlife’, St Andrews’ University April 2018)
  • Herodotus Pudding (Herodotus Helpline virtual seminar series, December 2020)
  • From Children to Philosophers: Mapping and Measuring the Impact of Herodotus in the Long Nineteenth Century (Newcastle University Seminar Series, Newcastle University October 2021)
  • From Children to Philosophers: Mapping and Measuring the Impact of Herodotus in the Long Nineteenth Century (Herodotus Helpline virtual seminar series, October 2021)


  • BA Combined Honours in Ancient History and History, 2.1 from Newcastle University 
  • MA Classics and Ancient History, distinction from Newcastle University