School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Staff Profile

Anna Tonk

Marie Slodowska-Curie Fellow


Taught in Critical Heritage Studies I worked on political narratives within heritage policy and practice. I identified frictions between different levels of policy and narratives and how that informs the way heritage is perceived, how heritage affects its surroundings, and the social fabric within.  Exploring perspectives and societal impact, I have become interested in the connection between environmental and social sustainability, with a main focus on the situation in cultural heritage landscapes.

From September 2019 I work on the HERILAND project at Newcastle University as a Marie Slodowska–Curie Fellow.  Being part of team ‘Changing Environments’ my aim will be to find a way to foster social inclusion and democratic participatory processes in landscape planning through comparative analysis of case-studies in post-industrial areas and how heritage (as landscape) may contribute to successful sustainable landscape management and regeneration. By working interdisciplinary and approaching landscape holistically I hope to combine ideas for environmental, political and social sustainability within the context of cultural landscapes.