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Lynne Humphrey

Teaching Associate



After a varied career of research and training in the pubic and voluntary sectors I entered academia in 2001 to extend my knowledge beyond the practises and theories of post-1979 British government and governance. I have subsequently focused on research and teaching in the area of modern German history, with a specific expertise in the Third Reich and its transgression to genocide. But I am also interested in contributing to contemporary debates on 'what is history'?. Both sets of interests were combined in a PhD (completed in 2017) that looked at how historians and jurists collaborated to both prosecute perpetrators of the Holocaust and to protect its evidence, record and 'truth'. 


BA (Hons) Government and Public Policy, Northumbria University

MA Modern European History: Power, Culture, Society, Royal Holloway, University of London

PhD 'The Holocaust and the Law: A Model of 'Good History'?, Royal Holloway, University of London


Basic German and Greek



I have lectured and facilitated seminars on the following modules:

'The Holocaust' (Northumbria University)

'Women in Britain: 1800 to 1970s' (Northumbria University)

'Evidence and Argument' (Newcastle University)

'Reading History' (Newcastle University)

'The History of Modern Germany: 1806 to the Present Day' (Newcastle University)

Dissertation Supervision

I have supervised dissertations covering a range of diverse topics. I welcome approaches from any student but especially if related to my areas of expertise.


Research Interests

My research interests cover three main areas:

The examination of Holocaust-related trials as competent or flawed models of ‘good history’

Interdisciplinary approaches to historian and jurist collaboration in the courtroom

The rethinking of history through the lens of post-foundational theories of historiography