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Lynne Humphrey



Lynne Humphrey is a Research Associate interested in the political development of multi-level governance, with a specific focus on the theory and practice of civic and 'third sector' engagement within a wider context of attempts at 'democratic renewal'. Her work has focused on the UK but more recently she has been involved in research that has looked at leadership and governance in Greece.

Lynne is also studying for a part-time PhD aiming to contribute to contemporary debates on philosophy of history through an examination of the legal re-presentation of evidence of the Holocaust over time and social context.


Lynne has conducted research on behalf of a range of activist and policy groups in the public and voluntary sectors, with expertise and interests as diverse as industrial relations in manufacturing, the privatisation of public services and trade union and local government reorganisation. She has previously worked on behalf of a number of UK trade unions and regional community/research organisations.


BA (Hons) Government and Public Policy, Northumbria University

MA Modern European History: Power, Culture, Society, Royal Holloway, University of London

PhD in progress


Basic Greek


Research Interests

Theory and practice of devolution, governance, democratic renewal, civic, community and third sector engagement. Also the theory and practice of knowledge production, in the main the re-presentation of 'the past' as written history.

Other Expertise

The development and facilitation of training courses aimed at translating the theory and practice of contemporary policy to audiences of relevant practitioners.

Current Work

Lynne is currently part of a team of researchers looking at the extent and impact of university-community engagement within a range of socially excluded communities in the North East and North West of England and Scotland. As part of a wider ESRC research programme (the 'Impact of HEIs on regional economies') particular focus will be given to evidence of added social capital and practices of collaborative learning within the relevant excluded communities.

Future Research

Lynne aims to examine the gendering of devolved governance, with particular focus on the impact of Labour's 'double devolution' programme on women community activists.


Lynne was part of a team that secured funding from the North East Empowerment Partnership (2007-08) that aimed to provide a snapshot of local authority approach to and practice of community engagement, empowerment and development across the North East region.