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Dr Stephanie Holton

Teaching Fellow in Classics


MA Hons Classics (Edinburgh); MSc Classics (Edinburgh); PhD Classics (London ‘18)

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland, before heading off to the 'mainland' to study Classics at university. I joined Newcastle in September 2018; prior to this, I was a Visiting Tutor in Greek Literature at Royal Holloway, and a Classical Studies Tutor for the University of London's International Programme.

My teaching and research explore the interactions between Greek literature, philosophy and medicine. My primary research interest is early Greek thought, in particular the investigations of the 'Presocratic' and 'Hippocratic' writers, and I am currently finishing my first monograph, Sleep and Dreams in Early Greek Thought, which will be published by Routledge. Beyond this, I am also interested in the reception of the ancient world by a wide array of writers - esp. Francois Rabelais, Philip K Dick, Seamus Heaney - as well as the use of the classical tradition in the architecture and political culture of the Ascendancy. 


International Association for Presocratic Studies

Classical Association in Northern Ireland

Ulster Architectural Heritage Society

Women Aloud NI

UK Council for Graduate Education

UK Council of International Student Affairs





CAG2001 Greek Interpretation of Texts: Plato's Phaedo 

CAG2001 Skills for Classicists (Greek)

CAG1011 Intermediate Greek Language and Literature 1 

CAG1012 Intermediate Greek Language and Literature 2 (Module Leader)

CAC1014 Tragedy, Comedy, History: The World of Greek Literature 

CAC1015 How Should I Live? An Introduction to Ancient Moral Philosophy