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Dr Stephanie Holton

Lecturer in Classics


I grew up in a small seaside town in Northern Ireland, before heading off to the 'mainland' to study Classics at university: first at Edinburgh, and then in London. I joined Newcastle in 2018 as an hourly-paid Teacher, then spent a year on a temporary appointment as Lecturer in Classics (2019-20), before finally re-joining as a permanent Lecturer in Classics from September 2020. 

I teach a wide range of compulsory Ancient Greek and Latin modules, as well as an array of Classical Studies topics - you can find out more about my current and previous modules in the 'Teaching' tab. My own research interests lie in early Greek thought - especially the Presocratics and Hippocratics - and I am currently finishing my first monograph, Sleep and Dreams in Early Greek Thought, which will be published by Routledge. Beyond this, I am also interested in classical reception (across many different genres and mediums!), translation, and ancient language pedagogy.

I'm a firm believer that Classics (in its broadest sense) should be accessible to everyone, and I work closely with our central outreach programmes, local schools, and charitable organisations to introduce more people - from school age to the retired! - to the literature, history, material culture, and languages of the ancient world. If you are a teacher and would like to find out more about how we can support the delivery of ancient subjects at your school, just drop me a line at the address above. 


2005-2009 MA Classics, University of Edinburgh

2011-2013 MSc Classics, University of Edinburgh

2013-2018 PhD Classics, University of London (RHUL)

Roles and Responsibilities

Library Representative 

Schools Liaison and Engagement Officer 


'Creative Translation in Classics' - Case Study of Teaching Practice

Comfort Classics Interview

Sportula Europe - Microgrants for Classics/Ancient World Students


International Association for Presocratic Studies

UK Council for Graduate Education

UK Council of International Student Affairs

Ulster Architectural Heritage Society

Society for Psychical Research



CLA1011 Intermediate Latin 1 (Module Leader)

CLA1012 Intermediate Latin 2 (Module Leader)

CAG1012 Intermediate Greek 2 (Module Leader)

CAG2001 Greek Interpretation of Texts: Myths of the Underworld (Module Leader)

CAG2002 Special Study in Greek (Module Leader)

CLA3001 Latin Interpretation of Texts: Latin Letters (Module Leader)

CLA2002 Special Study in Latin (Module Leader)

CAC8106 MA Independent Research Project (Module Leader) 

CAC8110 MA Ancient Cultures in Context  

CAC1013 Life and Literature in the Roman Republic

CAC3000 Dissertation 


CAC2064/3064 Dreams and Dreaming in Ancient Greece (Module Leader)

CAG2001 Greek Interpretation of Texts: Myths of the Underworld (Module Leader)

CAG2002/3002 Special Study in Greek: Hippocrates On the Sacred Disease (Module Leader)

CAC1015 How Should I Live? An Introduction to Ancient Moral Philosophy (Module Leader)

CAC2001 Researching the Classics: (In)famous Oedipus

CAG1011 Intermediate Greek 1: Lysias On the Murder of Eratosthenes 

CAG1012 Intermediate Greek 2: Euripides Helen

CLA1002 Beginners' Latin in Action 2

CAC3000 Dissertation 

CAC8000 MA Research Skills and Development: Working with Fragments

CAC8110 MA Ancient Cultures in Context: Ancient Medicine 


CAG2001 Greek Interpretation of Texts: Plato's Phaedo 

CAG1012 Intermediate Greek 2: Demosthenes Third Philippic (Module Leader)

CAC1014 Tragedy, Comedy, History: The World of Greek Literature 

CAC1015 How Should I Live? An Introduction to Ancient Moral Philosophy