School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Staff Profile

Dr Stephanie Piper

Lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology


My research interests are in the Mesolithic of north-west Europe, particularly hunter-gatherer occupation of island and coastal environments. I specialise in lithic analysis with a focus on raw material distribution and technological and stylistic development of lithic industries.

I have a background in commercial archaeology, having worked as both a field archaeologist and as a paleoenvironmental environmental specialist, as well as freelance lithic analysis.


I am involved in a collaborative research project with the University of Chester, exploring early prehistoric maritime identities in the Small Isles, western Scotland.


I currently teach on:

ARA1001: Stuff: Living in a Material World

ARA1026: Introduction to Archaeological Science

ARA1027: Introduction to Archaeology

ARA1028: Prehistoric Britain

ARA2004: Introduction to Environmental Archaeology

ARA2011: Prehistoric Europe (Module Leader)

ARA2101: Artefacts

ARA3001/3002/3003: Dissertation (Module Leader)

ARA3119/ARA8119: You Are What You Make: The Archaeology of Technology and Production

ARA3122/ARA8132: Coastal Connections in Early Prehistoric Europe (Module Leader)

ARA8190: Research Themes, Theories and Skills in Archaeology