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Dr Vicky Manolopoulou

Guest Member of Staff


After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Athens in 2010 I gained an MA in Roman and Byzantine Archaeology at Newcastle University in 2011.I then embarked on a PhD which explores Byzantine emotion and the Archaeology of Religion in Byzantium. My dissertation focused on Byzantine emotions and memory through the examination of liturgical processions in Constantinople (Supervisors Prof. Sam Turner and Dr Mark Jackson, examiners Prof Margaret Mullett and Dr Chris Fowler). My interest is in cultural landscapes and the way people experience them.


Thesis title: Processing Constantinople: Understanding the role of lite in creating the sacred character of the landscape

My thesis advances our understanding of the role that religious processions played in Byzantium by imbuing the landscape with a sacred identity. By contextualising processions in their spatial and temporal localities, I explore ideas about, and build mechanisms for understanding the way people in Byzantium engaged with their landscapes through procession. This involves the exploration of ideas about experience, emotion and affect, memory and commemoration, personhood and identity. My study adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the phenomenon of processions (litae), exploring the relationships and networks of the spatially known and unknown religious centres of Constantinople throughout the liturgical year (currently in preparation for a monograph).


2010-2015 The Holy Synod of the Church of Greece.


(2017) ‘An Invincible wall: The Theotokos as a topos in the troparia of the lite’, paper presented at the conference “From the Human Body to the Universe – Spatialities of Byzantine Culture”, Uppsala University, May 2017 (invited speaker).

(2017) ‘Religious processions and memory spaces in Byzantine Constantinople’, paper presented at the British School at Athens, Athens, April 2017 (invited speaker).

(2016) ‘E-motive Communities: Methods and Problems in the study of belief and emotion in Byzantium’, paper presented at the 'Historicising Belief' workshop, Newcastle University, September 2016.

(2016) ‘Movement and prayer: the litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’, paper presented at the Institute of Archaeology UCL/British Museum Seminars, London, March 2016 (invited speaker).

(2015) ‘Streets as cultural places’, paper presented at the EEA Glasgow (21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists), Glasgow, September 2015.

(2015) ‘The City as a church: litanies, troparia and the experience of the sacred in Constantinople’, paper presented at the Late Antique and Byzantine Archaeology and Art Seminar at University of Oxford, Oxford, May 2015 (invited speaker).

(2015) ‘Sensing Heaven on Earth, Landscape, Religious Movement and Sacred Identity’, paper presented at the workshop in the framework of the Research Network Unlocking Sacred Landscapes entitled Spatial Analysis of Ritual and Cult in the Mediterranean, Trinity College Dublin, May 2015 (invited speaker).

(2014) ‘The City in Prayer: Litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’, paper delivered at the Roman and Later Roman Worlds Research Seminars, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, November 2014 (invited speaker)

(2014) ‘Digging Streets from Maps: A Retrogressive Analysis of Istanbul’s Street Network’, paper presented at the EEA Istanbul (20th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists), Istanbul, September 2014.

(2013) ‘Constantinople as a Landscape of Power’, paper presented at The Oxford University Byzantine Society’s XV International Graduate Conference: Landscapes of Power, Oxford, February 2013.

(2011) ‘Processing Emotion: Litanies in Byzantine Constantinople’, paper presented at 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle, April 2011.


(2017) 'From Sin to Salvation: Attuning to the emotional communities in Constantinople', paper will be presented at the fifth biennial conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean at Ghent University, July 2017.


Sacred Spaces, Sacred Places: Landscape Transformation and Inheritance. September 2015. Session at 21st Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA), Glasgow. (co-organiser with Dr Caron Newman from Newcastle University and Ms Yasemin Özarslan from Koç University).

8th Early Medieval Archaeology Student Symposium, Emass 2014: Durham, May, 2014. (co-organised Mrs Sofia Turk, Mrs Celia Orsini, Dr Brian Buchanan from Durham University, Dr Alison Leonard from University of York and Dr Maria Duggan from Newcastle University).


I have been involved in the following projects:

Greek Households Project

Hagia Theodora Project

The Apalirou Environs Project, McCord Centre

Beyond Frontiers Project


Other fieldwork experience includes

Survey and photogrammetry of the Roman Scavi at the Lateran in Rome

Excavation and Survey at the Roman site of Maryport

Excavation at Vindolanda Roman Fort.

Excavation at the site of ancient Alasarna, at Kardamaina in the island of Kos in Greece,



I have been leading seminars and/or delivering lectures, contributing to administration and assessment at Newcastle University (2011-2016) as part of the following modules:


  • (ARA2001) Archaeological Theory and Interpretation
  • (ARA3029) Early Medieval Churches of Europe
  • (ARA3016) Archaeology of Byzantium and its Neighbours
  • (ARA8172) Graduate Seminar in Byzantine Archaeology
  • (ARA2091) Archaeologies of the Roman Empire: The Roman World from Augustus to Justinian
  • (CAG1011) Intermediate Greek Language and Literature 1
  • (CAG1012) Intermediate Greek Language and Literature
  • (CAH2006/CAH2206) In Alexander's Footsteps: Greeks and Macedonians, 400-200 BC


I was also nominated for a Teaching Excellence Award in the Innovative Teaching category (for the academic year 2015/2016). I have been also a language Tutor of Modern Greek as a foreign language (GCSE), Ancient Greek/Koine and an Academic Assignment Tutor, Realising Opportunities, Newcastle University.


  • Manolopoulou V. Experiencing Processions in Constantinople, Art, Text and Archaeology. 0. In Preparation.
  • Manolopoulou V. Sensing Heaven on Earth: landscape, religious movement and sacred identity. In: Morris, C. and Papantoniou, G, ed. Unlocking Sacred Landscapes. Aström Editions, 2017. Submitted.
  • Manolopoulou V. Museum note: an Islamic oil lamp from Fustat. Archaeologia Aeliana 2012, 41 (5th Series), 285-288.
  • Manolopoulou V. Processional Hymns and the formation of the sacred landscape in Constantinople. 0. In Preparation.
  • Manolopoulou V, Turner S. ‘Ethnographic approaches to hagiography and pilgrimage: the case of Hagia Theodora at Vasta’. Target Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 0. In Preparation.
  • Manolopoulou V, Lekakis S, Jackson M, Turner S. Microcosm to Landscape. The Church called Theoskepasti at Apalirou, and the Apalirou Environs Project. In: Crow, J; Hill, D, ed. Naxos and the Byzantine Aegean. 0. Submitted.
  • Manolopoulou V. Processing emotion: litanies in Byzantine Constantinople. In: Nesbitt, C. and Jackson, M, ed. Experiencing Byzantium. Farnham: Ashgate, 2013, pp.153-172.