School of History, Classics and Archaeology



Choosing Modules

Module Pre-Registration 2020-2021

Please go to the School of History, Classics and Archaeology 2020/21 regulations page to see which modules you're allowed to take. Please make sure that you choose the relevant set of regulations when making your module selection.

To help you decide which modules you'd like to take, module descriptions can be found via the module catalogue where you can search by your degree programme or by individual module code.


Module Selection:

Module Selection for all students going into Stage 3 begins at 9am on Monday 27th July.

For all students going into Stage 2, Module Selection begins at 9am on Tuesday 28th July.

Module Selection will close for all students at 8pm on Sunday 2nd August 2020.

For students going into stage 3 and wishing to take a History Special Subject (where your regulations allow)
All HIS special subject modules will be marked as ‘Full’ on S3P; in place of your special subject module codes you must enter the substitute codes:
• HIS0001 for semester 1 special subjects
• HIS0002 for semester 2 special subjects 



If you have any problems please contact the school office via email:

As we are currently working from home, we are not able to see you in person or be contacted via phone.

Changing Modules

During a two-week period at the start of the semester, undergraduate students in all stages can request to change their modules.

This information covers all undergraduate history, classics and archaeology modules, 2020/2021. That's all modules with a prefix of ARA, CAC, CAH, CAG, CLA or HIS.

All students wishing to change a module should use this web form to request a change.


Things to check

Before completing the form you must check your degree programme regulations and that the module you wish to change to fits with your published timetable.

Once you have completed all checks, please go to the web form to request to change your modules.



The process for module change begins at 09.00 a.m. Monday 12th October 2020, and will remain open until 16.00 p.m. Monday 19th October 2020, at which point the module change period ends. Only entries made from 09.00 a.m. on 12th October will be considered, so please don’t fill in the form until then.

Modules with no cap

If you are changing to a module with no caps, and it fits with your regulations, your module will be changed in the system by no later than close of business on 16th October 2020. This will happen automatically in the school office and you will not receive an email informing you about this.

Modules with a cap

If you are changing to a module with a cap on it (denoted with a * in the list of modules in the web form), your module will only be changed once a space becomes available. You will receive an email ONLY IF your module is changed.

If you are successful in getting a place on a capped module, we will not be able to reverse the decision. Once you leave a capped module, this will free up a space on the module you are leaving. We will give that space to the student next in line so please make sure you really want to change modules.


Modules in other schools

If you wish to change to a module outside of the school, you will need to seek permission from the owning school.

Normally you will be expected to fill out a Module change form (PDF:68KB), take that to the owning school of the module you wish to change to, they will authorise that you can take that module.

You will then need to return the form to YOUR owning school for the change to be made in the system.

Full details of all modules can be found by entering a module code in the module catalogue.