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Teaching & Learning Resources

Teaching and Learning Resources

Degree Handbooks

Our handbooks tell you about the School, Faculty and University rules that apply to your work and the facilities available to you. Please read them carefully and keep for future reference.

The handbooks set out important information about the nature of your subject area and your degree programme, about what we expect from you and what you may expect from us.

You can find your degree programme handbook on the Induction page for your degree programme and stage on Canvas.

Careful reading now will save you much trouble later. If you cannot find the information you require, please contact either your Personal Tutor or the School Office.


Suggested reading lists

If you would like to undertake preparatory reading you can view the suggested reading list for your degree programme below:

The handbooks contain a more comprehensive reading list specific to each lecture.


Find information about undergraduate and postgraduate submission deadlines, style guides for writing essays and instructions on how to use our plagiarism software.

Assessment deadline information is available through Canvas or from the below spreadsheets:

Archaeology Semester 1 Assessment Deadlines. (PDF: 87KB)

Classics Semester 1 Assessments Deadlines ‌(PDF: 78KB)

History & HCA Semester 1 Assessment Deadlines. (PDF: 154KB)


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, module leaders may be contacting their students about changes to assessments in due course (16/04/2020).


Instructions on how to submit your work is detailed in your degree programme handbook.

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students might also want to refer to the following documents to enhance their study and essay-writing skills:

History Style Guide (PDF: 20KB)

History Postgraduate Style Guide (PDF: 139KB)

Using Secondary Literature and Other Sources (PDF: 107KB)

A Guide to Essay Writing (PDF: 62KB)

UG Marking and Moderation Policy(PDF: 118KB)

PG Marking and Moderation Policy(PDF: 85KB)