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NUCoRE Workshop: “Lifestyle and Health” Friday 15 March

There is growing evidence that our lifestyle choices (diet, physical activity, alcohol) have profound effects on health and wellbeing from conception to old age.  In addition, it is increasingly clear that these human behaviours have major impacts on the environment and on the health of our planet. 

These global challenges are at the centre of ideas for a NUCoRE in Lifestyle and Health that will engage researchers from across the university.  If this interests you, please come to our Open Workshop on Friday 15 March (details below) to help shape the development of this NUCoRE.

Target audience:
Academics at Newcastle University who have research interest in any aspect of lifestyle and human health including wider implications for planetary health

Open Workshop:
Our first university-wide workshop will be held on Friday 15th March, in the Pybus Room, Level 3, OLB. Lunch will be available from 11.30am and the workshop will run from 12-2pm.  Please click on the following link to complete the online questionnaire and registration form  by Friday 8th March.

Further details
For more information, please contact: Yasmin Ibrahim

published on: 4 March 2019