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Young Research Dietitians to give joint HNRC/NEM-Theme seminar

The HNRC are proud to promote a super team of young research dietitians.

Laura Haigh (Lead Specialist Dietitian & Clinical Fellow NIHR Newcastle BRC), Colette Kirk (Senior Dietitian & PhD Fellow, NIHR Newcastle BRC) and David Bourne (Specialist Dietitian, Freeman Hospital) are all undertaking research towards their PhD degrees with us.  They will be giving a joint presentation at our HNRC/NEM-Theme seminar series, on Monday 7 March, 1-2pm.

Their presentations will be on their research projects as follows:
Laura “Personalised Nutrition in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)”
Colette “Factors that impact on the quality of life of intestinal failure patients treated with home parenteral nutrition”
David “Chronic Pancreatitis: Towards a Comprehensive, Patient-Centred, Evidence-Based Model of Nutritional Care”

Information regarding the seminar, and further details of Laura, Colette and David’s interests can be found at: HNRC and CforL.

published on: 28 February 2022