Human Nutrition Research Centre

Commercial Collaborations

Commercial Collaborations

We interact with industry in the food and health area.

Our primary aim is to support relevant research and development in companies of any size that aim to improve the quality and health impact of their products. We also aim to benefit European competitiveness, consumer interests and public health.


We conduct research on the quality of products used as food or food supplements, or in the production of food. Where relevant, we research their efficacy. We do this through laboratory trials (analyses, animal studies) and human intervention trials.

We develop marketing strategies and other support for companies or other organisations working in these areas.

We take part in policy oriented work at the European scale. We do this via ETP Food for Life and the European Federation of Food Science and Technology.

Our activities comprise small consultancy projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and publicly supported larger projects.

Download more information about how we collaborate with business - Newcastle: A great place to do food business (PDF: 455KB).

N8 AgriFood

N8 AgriFood is an interdisciplinary research programme. It combines world-leading crop and livestock research with extensive expertise in social sciences in a single research initiative.

The programme is focused on ensuring the stability and integrity of national and global agri-food supply chains in the face of environmental and socioeconomic challenges. It has a new investment of £16m from the N8 Universities and HEFC. It is building on the strength in agri-food research expertise across the N8 Research Partnership to transform food security research.

Find out more about how N8 AgriFood combines expertise across the natural and social sciences.

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