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‘Sunshine eggs’: a novel vitamin D fortified food to improve vitamin D status in UK consumers?

South Asian volunteers aged 18‐64 years and Caucasian volunteers aged 18‐35 years are needed for an 8‐week dietary intervention trial at Newcastle University from January to March 2018.

Vitamin D deficiency has adverse consequences for musculoskeletal health across all stages of the lifecycle. In July 2016, a new daily requirement of 10μg was introduced for vitamin D for people aged 4 years and above. It is extremely difficult however for the UK population to achieve this when considering current dietary intakes as highlighted by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS), and the limited food sources of vitamin D.

Certain population groups in the UK are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency, these include those who have limited sunlight exposure, and those from minority ethnic groups with dark skin.  Furthermore, data from the NDNS has highlighted that people living in the Northern UK have a lower vitamin D status than those living in London and the South East, and that the highest prevalence of vitamin D deficiency among free‐ living adults is in the young 19‐24 year‐old group.

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