Human Nutrition Research Centre

Staff Profile

Alison Barnes

Senior Research Associate (Dietitian)


Alison Barnes is a Registered Dietitian with a particular interest in diabetes and weight management. She has a first class undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition from Northumbria University and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics from Leeds Metropolitan University. She currently works as a Research Associate on the Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DiRECT), using low calorie diets with the aim of helping participants achieve diabetes remission through significant and sustained weight loss. She holds an honorary contract with Necastle Hospitals NHS Trust as a specialist diabetes dietitian and is a current Diabetes UK Clinical Champion. Alison has previously worked as an NHS specialist diabetes dietitian for Northumbria Healthcare NHS foundation Trust (2009-2014), providing regular clinics in primary care and specialist clinics and group education in secondary care. She has also worked on group weight management programmes for both adults and families in community settings. Alison is committed to an approach which empowers patients to better manage their own health. In addition to her nutrition-related qualifications she has an English Literature degree from Newcastle University and has previously worked in restaurant management and charity fundraising.


Alison is currently working on the DiRECT (Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial). This study has been awarded the largest ever research grant from Diabetes UK and will evaluate a dietary intervention in prmary care aiming to achieve 15kg weight loss and reverse Type 2 diabetes at 1 year. The approach combines the use of a low calorie liquid diet followed by ongoing support and behaviour change strategies for weight loss maintenance.

 Alison's responsibilities include liaising with primary care practices for recruitment, training and mentoring of primary care staff (practice nurses or dietitians) to deliver the intervention, anthropometric measurements of participants and data collection.