Human Nutrition Research Centre

Staff Profile

Dr Anthony Oxley

Research Associate



  • PhD Nutritional Lipid Biochemistry (University of Bergen, Norway).
  • MRes (Dist) Applied Fish Biology (University of Plymouth, UK).
  • BSc (Hons) Biology (University of Leeds, UK).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • HTA Person Designate for the Human Nutrition Research Centre (HNRC).
  • Health and Safety Committee member for the Population Health Sciences Institute.
  • Supervision of BSc and MSc project students.

Previous Positions

  • Post-doctoral researcher in Aquaculture Nutrition at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway (2006-2008).

Google Scholar Profile



Research Interests

  • Retinol isotope dilution.
  • Carotenoid bioavailability.
  • Retinoid-lipid interactions.
  • Vitamin A toxicity.

Current Research Projects

  • A rapid and field friendly detection of vitamin A deficiency using the i-RDR method (MRC CIC).
  • BIOCRYPT: Determination of relative bioavailability, bioconversion and bioefficacy of beta-cryptoxanthin in comparison to beta-carotene from biofortified maize and external stable isotopes using compartmental modelling (HarvestPlus).
  • NISPA: Capacity building program for state of the art technologies of nutritional intake, status and physical activity assessment (BBSRC/UKRI).

Previous Research Projects

  • Detection of total body stores of vitamin A from finger prick samples in low income country settings (MRC CIC).
  • Optimising nuclear techniques to assess vitamin A status and the risk of excess vitamin A intakes due to multiple vitamin A programmes (IAEA).
  • GloVitAS: Assessing the risk of vitamin A toxicity due to large scale food fortification and other interventions (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).
  • BETASNP2: Effects of SNPs in the beta-carotene monooxygenase (BCMO1) enzyme on retinol formation and beta-carotene plasma responses (DSM Nutritional Products).
  • BETASNP: Do genetic polymorphisms in a beta-carotene metabolising key enzyme influence dietary vitamin A requirements? (BBSRC).