Human Nutrition Research Centre

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Dr Anthony Watson



My primary role is as a lecturer in human nutrition in the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences. I teach on several modules including Measurement of Nutritional status, Nutrition Through the Lifecycle and Advanced Nutrient requirements.

I am also a researcher within the Population Health Sciences Institute and the Human Nutrition Research CentreI have an interest in investigating the impact of nutritional interventions upon biological outcomes which could impact acute and chronic cognitive performance, health and healthy ageing. I`m particularly passionate about the design, execution and interpretation of experimental research projects which withstand scientific rigour.

Area of Expertise

Nutrition, Ageing, Cognition, Food quality.

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Module leader

NUT2005 - Measurement of Nutritional status

NUT2006(7) - Nutrition Through the Lifecycle

Study abroad

Academic lead, nutrition, student employability

Academic skills advisor, Nutrition and sports science

Lecturer on the following modules

NUT2005: Measurement of Nutritional status

NUT2006(7): Nutrition Through the Lifecycle

NUT1003:Practical Skills in Nutrition

NUT2001:Principles of Nutrition

NUT3003:Advanced Nutrient Metabolism and Requirements