Human Nutrition Research Centre

Staff Profile

Dr Catherine Meplan



Roles and Responsibilities

·       Lecturer in Genetics, School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

·       Chair of the Biochemistry and Biomedical Genetics Curriculum Committee

·       EDI lead for the School of Biomedical, Nutritional and Sport Sciences

·       Academic Adviser for UCAS graduate Medicine/Dentistry applications (since 2014-2019)

·       Pastoral tutor

·       Phase II advisor

·       Module leader

·       Member of Board of Studies, Board of Examiners, Biomedical Sciences Curriculum Committee, Genetics and Biochemistry Curriculum Committee, Nutrition Sciences Curriculum Committee


  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • PhD: Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France- Laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis, IARC, WHO, Lyon, France. (Dr. P. Hainaut): Study of the metalloregulation of the p53 tumor suppressor protein: consequences in metal-related carcinogenesis.1999
  • Master degree in Molecular Biology: Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France- Laboratoire INSERM U309, Institut A. Bonniot, Grenoble, France. (Dr. J. J. Lawrence) Chromatin structure of the promoter of the gene encoding histone H10.1995
  • BSc Hons Cell and Molecular biology, Biochemistry and Genetics, Université Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, 1994

Previous positions

  • Senior Research Associate, ICAMB, Newcastle University, 2003-2013
  • Research Associate, Biomedical Research Centre, Ninewells Hospital. University of Dundee, UK, 2000-2002


  • Human Nutrition Research Centre, Newcastle University, since 2003
  • Member of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation (NuGO), since 2004
  • FMS Educational Research Development and Practice, Newcastle University
  • UK Teaching Focus Network, since 2015
  • Fellow of HEA, 2016
  • Newcastle Educator working group, Newcastle University
  • NU Women, Newcastle University


  • Nutrigenetics and Nutrigenomics
  • Selenium and Cancer


Module Leader

  • NUT1004:  Fundamental principles of genetics and biochemistry for nutrition
  • BGM2002: Biochemistry and Genetics of Signalling and the Cell Cycle
  • BMS3020: Chronic Disease
  • CMB3001: Research Design Project

Contribution to other Modules

  • BGM1004: Genetics
  • CMB1005: Practical Skills in Biomedical & Biomolecular Sciences
  • BMS3010:  Genetics and Human Disease 
  • BGM3061: Genetic variation in common disease 
  • PED3011:  Toxicology
  • CMB3000: Research project
  • BMS2013:  Practical and presentation skills in Biomedical Sciences