Human Nutrition Research Centre

Staff Profile

Dr Daniel West

Newcastle University Research Fellow


I am a Newcastle University Research Fellow (NURF) working within the Human Nutrition Research Centre and Diabetes Research Group. Prior to moving to Newcastle I studied a PhD in clinical exercise physiology within the Diabetes Research Group, of the College of Medicine, and the Department of Sport and Exercise Science, at Swansea University.

My primary research interests focus on the role of exercise in the management of chronic disease, with particular interest in the facilitation of safe and effective exercise in those with Type 1 diabetes.  I also explore nutritional and insulin dose adjustment strategies to improve mealtime glucose control in both Type 1 and 2 diabetes.

I have received funding from Diabetes UK, Diabetes Research & Wellness Foundation, The Novo Nordisk UK Research Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Arla Foods Ingredients, Medtronic, Beneo Europe.



I have conducted various nutrition and exercise projects that are published in highly esteemed clinical journals that have involved measures such as continuous glucose monitoring, exercise in high-risk patient groups, appetite regulation, postprandial glucose control, endothelial progenitor cells, gastric emptying, free-living nutritional interventions.

I am also an expert panel member for the international Type 1 diabetes and exercise education programme ‘JDRF PEAK’.


Education & Training

PhD Human Physiology – Swansea University

BSc Sport & Exercise Science (1st Class Hons) – Swansea University

Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist – American College of Sports Medicine


Current projects being conducted at NewCEL and the NIHR CRF

- Impact of residual beta-cell function on glucose variability before and after exercise in Type 1 diabetes

- Predictors of the endothelial progenitor cell response to exercise in people with and without Type 1 diabetes

- The influence of a small dose of whey protein on gastric emptying in lean, obese and type 2 diabetes patients.

- The influence of 7 day premeal whey protein supplementation on freeliving glucose on control in Type 2 diabetes


I am programme leader for MRES Clinical Exercise Physiology and teach on undergraduate BSc Exercise Biomedicine and BSc Sport & Exercise Science.