Health Protection Research Unit for Chemical & Radiation Threats & Hazards


Establishing a Cohort of Stem Cell Transplant Patients Undergoing Myeloablative Transplant

Treatment of leukaemia and lymphoma with haematopoietic stem cell transplant frequently requires the use of procedures involving either the use of chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy to remove the bone marrow. Consequently given the large doses of radiotherapy applied, there will be changes in the expression of biomarkers of DNA damage due to radiation exposure (eg γH2AX) within different tissues related to the level of exposure and the individual response to a given dose of radiation. 

Using patient donated samples we will determine, in a pilot study, levels of specific markers of genotoxic damage and determine their specificity in relation to high dose radiation exposure. The expression of such markers will be followed with time to determine how robust such markers may be following exposure and how long these markers are present as an indication of type and level of exposure. This will be extended to suitable groups of patients undergoing directed external beam radiotherapy and diagnostic x-ray procedures where samples will be banked for study.