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The Influence of UV Radiation and Sunscreens on Cutaneous Absorption and Metabolism

Having generated baseline data for skin enzyme activities using in vitro systems in the Contribution of Cutaneous Metabolism to Local and Systemic Toxicity project, this project will investigate skin metabolism following irradiation of cell lines or skin equivalents with UV radiation of differing wavelengths and doses, with comparison to ‘classical inducers’. 

Parallel studies will measure percutaneous absorption and penetration of sunscreen actives in ex vivo skin.

The findings from the first two years will inform future research (commencing in year three) into the effects of different sunscreens (including novel preparations containing micronized metal oxides) on cutaneous metabolism and skin viability following UV irradiation, as well as the influence of irradiation on the cutaneous absorption sunscreen actives and co-formulants.