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Professor Matthew Wright

Professor of Toxicology



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Research background in Toxicology and cytochromes P450. General interests are in the liver cell differentiation and liver disease.




British Toxicology Society (BTS).

Honours and Awards

British Association for the Study of the Liver – Young Investigator of the Year (2000).

Fellow of the British Toxicology Society (FBTS)


Research Interests

Liver Biology, Liver Fibrosis, Stem/Progenitor Cells and the Liver

Other Expertise

Pharmacology, Toxicology

Current Work

Role of the PXR in modulating liver fibrosis; developing imaging techniques for liver fibrosis; Hepatocyte differentiation.  Environment and liver disease.


Postgraduate Supervision

Currently 3 PhD Students - in Liver Biology and Disease.

Esteem Indicators

Guest Editor - Special issues for the journal Toxicology (2007-2010)

Elected to the British Association for the Study of the Liver Committee (2001-2004).

Member of the Scientific Sub-Committee of the British Toxicology Society (2003-2008).

Member of the Executive Committee of the British Toxicology Society (2009-2012).

Member of the ANS Panel, EFSA (2011-2018).

Member of the FAF Panel, EFSA (2020-present)

Associate Editor, Toxicology (2018-present)


Newton Mosharafa


Patent Application -Wright MC, Porter A. (13-10-2005). WO2005095453. Specific binding members against synaptophysin - a human antibody to hepatic stellate cells for targeting drugs / imaging agents for liver fibrosis treatment.


Undergraduate Teaching

Pharmacology PED2001

Toxicology PED3011

Postgraduate Teaching

MRes in Toxicology - Course co-ordinator - (MMB8032)

MRes Cell cycle control and cell signalling pathways in health and disease (PGY8003)

MRes Stem cells and regenerative medicine (MMB8022)

MRes in Medical & Molecular Biosciences (PGY8003)