Health Protection Research Unit for Chemical & Radiation Threats & Hazards

Staff Profile

Dr Michael Dunn

Mass Spectrometrist


Research Interests

Application of mass spectrometric techniques to analytical problems in Medical Toxicology. This involves the identification and quantitation of biomarkers of exposure and effect for environmental chemicals.

Current Work

This work is supported by grants from the Health Protection Agency and the Home Office.

Plasma, urine and cellular levels of 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine and isoprostanes as biomarkers of oxidative stress.

Plasma and urine levels of endo and xenobiotic chemicals.

Identification and quantification of specific protein/metabolite changes after exposure to xenobiotic chemicals.

Application of proteomic, metabolomic and lipidomic methodologies to monitor the effects of chemical exposure.

Identification and quantitation of DNA and protein adducts with xenobiotic chemicals.

Neurotoxicology biomarker identification and quantitation

Dermal absorption and metabolism of xenobiotics