Health Protection Research Unit for Chemical & Radiation Threats & Hazards

Staff Profile

Dr Peter Hanson

Research Associate



I started working at the Medical Toxicology Centre investigating proteomic biomarkers of Depression, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. From this my research has expanded to examine neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders utilising stem cell culture models.

Previous Positions

Development of micro-fluidic chips and micro-arrays for metabolism screening of novel pharmaceutical compounds.

Development of biosensors for occupational exposure monitoring and environmental monitoring of antibiotics.


NC3Rs CRACK-IT Challenge 20 - Metaboderm phase 2 (2016 to 2018), Co-I

NC3Rs CRACK-IT Challenge 20 - Metaboderm phase 1 (2016), Co-I

NIHR, Health Protection Research Unit Bid (2015 to present), Co-I

Alzheimer's Society UK, (2013 to 2015) Co-I



My research interests are;

Neurodevelopmental exposure determination

The effect of chemical exposure on the brain can have a profound influence on an individual’s life, however, there is limited information on the effect of chemical exposure on the developing brain. Cell culture techniques are used to expose human stem cells or neuroblastoma cells (SHSY-5Ys) to chemicals such as PCBs, Flame Retardants and Plasticiser’s to determine their toxicity level and cell death pathway. Once this is established we use sub-toxic doses of these chemicals and proteomic methods to determine key changes which occur due to exposure to these chemicals.

Neurodegenerative disorder

I am interested in proteomic changes that occur within the human brain due to degenerative disorders and have worked in the areas of Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease and Depression.