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Principal Investigators

We are keen to support all Principal Investigators in their role as research managers.

Principal Investigator Role Profile

The key responsibilities of Principal Investigators as managers of research staff are identified below:

Principal Investigator responsibilities (PDF, 34KB)

Principal Investigator responsibilities (‘postcard’ version) (PDF, 852KB)

Principal Investigator HR Manual

A handy electronic document has been compiled with electronic links to all the key University policies, procedures and guidance available to support Principal Investigators with managing their research staff.  To access this document click here.


All Principal Investigators with responsibility for managing research staff are expected to attend a briefing to receive guidance on recruiting, managing and developing and supporting their research staff.  Principal Investigators should contact their Faculty HR team to find out when the next briefing sessions are scheduled to run in their Faculty.

Team A: Medical Sciences HR

Team B: HaSS HR

Team D: SAgE HR

Principal Investigator Development Programme

A more comprehensive programme of workshops is available for all current, new and aspiring Principal Investigators.

Principal Investigator Development Programme

Vitae Resources

Vitae has developed a range of new resources to support those who manage and mentor researchers as part of their role

New resources for research directors and principal investigators