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Research Passport

The Research Passport procedure is the NHS mechanism for obtaining an Honorary Research Contract/Letter of Access. You will need to apply for a research passport if you:

  • will have a direct impact on patient care, for example, providing prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness
  • will have access to identifiable patient information
  • will have indirect contact with patients/service users whose research has a direct bearing on the quality of their care, for example, some types of telephone interviews.
  • wish to access "with consent" identifiable patient data, tissues or organs with likely direct bearing on the quality of their care (with likely impact on prevention, diagnosis or treatment).

Guidance Documents

Research Passport Process Flowchart (PDF, 111KB)

Research Passport Applicants Guidance (PDF, 108KB)

Research Passport Managers Guidance (PDF, 97KB)


The Research passport application, role assessment form, curriculum vitae and occupational health must be completed to apply for a Research Passport - the appendix may be used where multiple projects are to be included.

Role Assessment (Word, 18KB)

Application Form (Word, 174KB)

Curriculum Vitae (Word, 41KB)

Identification Documents (Word, 19KB)

Occupational Health (Word, 229KB)

Research Passport Checklist (Word, 14KB)

Additional forms – see Flowchart:

NHS to NHS Pre-engagement Check (Word, 33KB)

Additional Project (Word, 29KB)

Research Passport Extension (Word, 38KB)


If you require a DBS check (consult algorithm) as part of your research passport application we will issue an automated email from our online providers GBG who will provide a link to complete a DBS application.

Applicant User Guide (PDF, 2.87MB)


Process Guidance

FAQ (PDF, 201KB)

Detailed Guidance to completing the Research Passport (PDF, 275KB)

Completing the Research Passport Occupational Health Questionnaire (PDF, 54KB)

Research in the NHS HR Good Practice Resource Pack (PDF, 227KB)


All forms should be returned to the relevant institute contact (PDF, 129KB) who will submit them to the Research Passport inbox. (PDF, 91KB)

More Information:

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