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Researcher Responsibilities

The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers outlines key responsibilities for Heads of Academic Unit, Principal Investigators and Research staff.  These responsibilities are outlined below.

Head of Academic Unit responsibilities (PDF, 56KB)

Principal Investigator responsibilities (PDF, 34KB)

Principal Investigator responsibilities (‘postcard’ version) (PDF, 852KB)

Researcher responsibilities (PDF, 30KB)

Researcher responsibilities (‘postcard’ version) (PDF, 864KB)

Role Profiles

A series of researcher role profiles has been developed.  The profiles outline the key expectations of researchers for each grade and can be used to support recruitment, development, grading and promotion processes.

Researcher Role Profiles

Success Factors

A set of bespoke success factors have been developed to describe what we believe to be the most important attitudes and behaviours that result in research excellence.  The success factors are still being piloted and so far have been used in two development centres, with a third being planned for 2015 following which we hope to finalise and disseminate them more widely to support researcher recruitment and development. 

Researcher Success Factors (PDF, 136KB)