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As part of the agreement reached with the campus unions on pay modernisation and harmonisation, the University agreed to the implementation of flexitime, where it is practicable, for staff on grades A to E. A flexitime framework has been developed which provides an umbrella under which Academic / Service Units can operate local flexitime schemes as appropriate.

Flexitime framework policy (PDF, 100KB)

Example working day under flexitime (PDF, 12KB)

Flexitime Record Sheet

Flexitime record sheet for full time staff (Excel, 63KB)

Flexitime record sheet for part time staff (Excel, 66KB)

The flexitime record sheet is not designed to replace all methods of recording flexitime. It is provided to make recording easier. It may not be suitable for all work patterns. If the sheet is unsuitable then please record your flexitime manually. There is help and guidance built into the Flexitime Record Sheet. Just click the tab marked HELP to access this information.