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State Pension Changes with effect from 6 April 2016

The State Pension will change from 6 April 2016 to replace the current means tested and complicated State Pension, with a simplified, single tier system. As the new State Pension will only have a single tier, contracting out will end and pension scheme members will no longer receive a reduction in the amount of National Insurance Contributions they pay towards the State Pension Scheme. This means that if you are a member of one of one of the pension schemes offered by the University you will pay an extra 1.4% in National Insurance Contributions.

Further details on the specific financial impact and the reasons for the change are outlined in the Employee Frequently Asked Questions (PDF, 236KB)

To find out more about the State Pension Changes go to

Email to all staff 27 April 2016.


Introduced in July 2008, Pensions+ is the name of the salary sacrifice arrangement offered to University staff who are members of either the Retirement Benefits Plan or Universities Superannuation Scheme. This arrangement provides savings in National Insurance contributions to most members, and is therefore the basis on which most new members of staff will join these pension schemes, unless they choose to opt out. The majority of pension scheme members have joined with an average saving per member of around £115 pa.

Further information on Pensions+, together with examples of potential savings, is available in 'Introducing Pensions+ (June 2017)' (PDF, 187KB)

Pensions+ Letter (June 2019) (WORD, 139KB)

Members of staff who wish to Opt-in or Opt-out are required to complete the appropriate form which is available by contacting Payroll and Pensions, Fourth Floor, King's Gate on extension 86487 or emailing Pensions

With effect from 1 July 2013 members may now Opt-out of Pensions+ at any time during the year by requesting a change to their Terms and Conditions of Employment.

Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)
AVCs are a tax efficient and flexible way of enhancing the retirement benefits provided by membership of the USS or RBP pension schemes. Further information is available in your pension scheme documentation.

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