Retirement Benefits Plan

The Retirement Benefit Plan (1971) - the RBP - is the final salary pension scheme offered by the University to staff employed on Grades A to E and equivalent.

Trustee Privacy Notice (PDF, 143KB)


Aon Hewitt Limited Privacy Notice (PDF, 186KB)


Membership is not automatic - members of staff receive information about the Plan at the time of their appointment, including a form to indicate whether they wish to join. An application form is issued to those wishing to join.

Decision Form (PDF, 86KB)

Pension benefits for new employees (PDF, 189KB)

Expression of Wish Form 2011 (Word, 17KB)

Transfers In


The Plan no longer accepts transfers of pension benefits under a previous employer's or private pension plan.

Early Retirement

Process for Early Retirement from the Retirement Benefits Plan (RBP) (PDF, 105KB)

Early Retirement from the Retirement Benefits Plan (RBP) form (Word, 35KB)

Trustee Directors

The management of the plan is the responsibility of a corporate trustee company, Newcastle University Pension Trustee (1971) Limited. There are nine Trustee Directors of the trustee company. While all nine Trustee Directors are appointed by the University, three are nominated by the members of the Plan, both active (current members) and retired (pensioner members) by means of a ballot.

A further three Trustee Directors are senior members of University staff, and three Trustee Directors are neither members of the Plan nor officers or members of University staff.

The current Trustee Directors are:

  • Peter Johnson [Chair]
  • Mary Coyle
  • Nick Swales
  • Pam Moderate
  • Simon Pallett
  • Simon Wilmot
  • Chris Earle-Storey
  • Charles Gray
  • Stephen Olver

Newcastle University Pension Trustee (1971) Limited is a company registered in the UK. The registration number is: 4350286. The registered office is: c/o Human Resources Section, Newcastle University, King's Gate, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU.


The main contacts for queries concerning scheme membership, transfers and general administration are:

Val Wall - (extension 85102)
Lisa Cole - (extension 86496)

Further Information about the Plan

Pension benefits for new employees booklet available from the Joining section above.

RBP Report and Accounts 2017 (PDF, 11.8MB)

Boosting your plan benefits - a guide to AVCs (PDF, 379KB)

AVC Applications (PDF, 18.7KB)

Members Guide 2011 (PDF, 417KB)

Pension Matters 2017 (PDF)

Pension Matters 2016 (PDF, 356KB)

Financial Health Check 2017

Statement of Investment Principles from the Trustee Directors (PDF, 2.5MB)

Consolidated Trust Deed and Rules (PDF, 1.9MB)

Deed of Amendment and Confirmation of Participation (PDF, 1.6MB)

Elma Alexander is the Secretary to the RBP and the contact point for the Trustee Directors.

Advisers to the Plan

The Trustee Directors have appointed the following advisors in accordance with the Pensions Act 1995:

  • Actuary - Simon Corbett, Aon Hewitt
  • Administrator and Consultant - Aon Hewitt
  • Auditor - PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Legal Adviser - Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Investment Managers

  • Legal and General Assurance (Pension Management) Ltd
  • Majedie Asset Management Ltd
  • Standard Life Investments
  • Threadneedle Asset Management Ltd
  • Global Infrastructure Partners
  • Black Rock Investments Managers