Sickness Absence - Human Resources - Newcastle University

Sickness Absence (prior to 1 August 2016)


Sickness Absence Policy (PDF, 376KB)

Sickness Absence Policy FAQ (PDF, 207KB)

Sickness Absence Types (PDF, 16KB)

Fit for Work Service - Managers Briefing Note (PDF, 136KB)

Self Certification Form

Self-Certification Form Final (Excel, 52KB)

Self-Certification of Sickness and Return to Work Form (PDF, 722KB)

For absences up to and including seven calendar days. This form can be completed online and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0.5 or higher.

Sickness Absence Record of Discussion (SARD)

SARD Form (Word, 71KB)

SARD example, anxiety (PDF, 445KB)

SARD example, back pain (PDF, 49KB)

Other Forms

Disability Absence Management Review (DAMR) Form (Word, 64KB)

Phased Return to Work Form (Word, 15KB)

Absence Report (Word, 166KB)


Sickness Absence Appeals Procedure (PDF, 80KB)