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Academic Promotions 2017/18

Updates 2017/2018

This summary explains some important changes to the promotions process for 2017/18.

Academic Promotions Criteria (Summary) (PDF, 100KB) A table which summarises the different levels and the overall approach to promotion.

Timetable (PDF, 58KB)

Promotion Briefings

Contacts In the first instance, please contact your your Faculty Human Resources Manager:

HASS - Jacqueline Scott <>

FMS - Marian Phillipson <>

SAGE - Deborah Graham <>

Documentation relevant to specific promotion:

Promotion from Lecturer F to Lecturer G

Promotion to Senior Lecturer

Promotion to Reader

Promotion to Honorary Clinical Professorial/Reader

Promotion to Personal Chair

Promotion for Research and Teaching Staff

Accelerated and Discretionary Increments

Personal Circumstances Disclosures

Promotion decisions are based on applicants meeting the criteria for the category of promotion being applied for:  Expectations of performance levels will be adjusted in terms of quantity of output to reflect personal circumstances, including part-time hours, extended periods of absence due to caring responsibilities, disability or sickness. Expectations of the quality of output will not be adjusted.  In order to ensure the impact of personal circumstances have been taken into account you have the opportunity to submit information to be considered by your Head of Academic Unit, Human Resources and the Chair of Promotions Committee/s. 


Academic Job Summary, Research and Teaching Role Profiles

Information for Heads of School and Directors of Institutes

Defining Scholarship (applicable only to Humanities and Social Sciences)