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Online Payslips

Online payslips are now available;

Or you can access your payslip via the link in the 'Administration Tools' section of the Staff Homepage:


Payroll deadlines for October 2018 to September 2019 (PDF, 16KB)

Starters Forms

Contact your Human Resources team to obtain a current copy of the relevant form. Do not use copies you have stored as these will not be accepted.

Starters: Casual / One Off Payments

Casual Work Assignments (Word, 31KB)

Please note: the Casual Work Assignments form must not be used for Newcastle University students - use the Student Starter Form

Student Starters Form ST1 (PDF, 385KB)

Monthly Hours Returns

Monthly Hours Return (Excel, 15KB) Revised Document November 2017

(PGSPay) Monthly Hours Return Postgraduate Demonstrators (Excel, 18KB) Revised November 2017

Overtime Claim Forms

Overtime (Word, 17KB)

Overtime (Operational only) (Word, 20KB)

Overtime (Maintenance only) (Word, 17KB)

Overtime (Farm Staff only) (Word, 17KB)

Interview Expenses

Interview Expenses claim form (PDF, 101KB)

Interview Expenses claim form (spreadsheet) (Excel, 44KB)

Other Forms

Give as you Earn (GAYE) Donor Instruction (PDF, 96KB)

Fees and Associated Expenses
Off Campus Meals and Entertainment Expenses
Relocation Expenses
Small Value Sundry Purchases
Travelling and Related Expenses

available on the Finance Office site (available on campus or via RAS)


Please address any queries to the Payroll Team.