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Pay Review

Merit Awards Scheme 2018 (Non Clinical Professorial Staff)

Heads of Academic Units will be forwarded a link to the online form for completion.

The deadline for Head of Academic Units to submit reviews is 16th February 2018.

If you need further clarification on the above, please contact Richard Boggie


Non Academic Job Families

The Pay Review process applies to all staff in the Administrative and Professional Services, Specialist, Technical and Professional Services and Operational Services job families in job levels A to H.

It covers UK-based staff and those on assignment overseas under either the Short or Long Term Assignments Policy.

The Pay Review process is an annual exercise, normally commencing in March. It is the process by which managers can recommend members of staff for accelerated or discretionary increments, or one-off bonuses. In some cases,Team Awards can also be made through the Pay Review process.

The following documents contain all the relevant details.