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Leaving the University

including redundancy, resignation and retirement


Guidance for Employees Leaving the University (PDF, 113KB)

Further information regarding the termination of IT Services


The Leavers form MUST be completed as the official notification of your intention to resign or retire and returned to the Employment Solutions team.

(Note: This form is only for staff leaving ALL employment of the University)


This form captures all the key information necessary to end your contract of employment here, taking the place of a separate written notice. Delays in sending the form to the Employment Solutions team may result in overpayment of salary which will have to be repaid to the University.


It is very helpful for the University to understand the reasons why colleagues decide to leave, so it is greatly appreciated if you can take a few moments to complete the reasons for leaving section on the form. We are asked to return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) information on where you are going and what you intend to do after leaving.

Leaver's Form (Word, 37KB)

Leaver's Form - Operational & Maintenance Staff (Word, 31KB)

Exit Questionnaire

Your feedback is really important to us, and what you tell us about your experiences of working at Newcastle University can help us to improve our employment policies and practices for staff in the future. Any information you provide will be used for monitoring and evaluation purposes only and will not affect your references or your chances of working here again. Completion of the questionnaire is not compulsory, but the more information you are prepared to give us, the better able we will be to address any issues you draw to our attention. It should take no longer than ten minutes to complete this questionnaire.

Exit Questionnaire - All Staff

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Academic Leaver Checklist - All FMS staff on academic contracts (clinical and non-clinical) are required to complete an Academic Leaver Checklist as soon as they are aware that they will be leaving the University, and within four weeks of giving formal notice to the University of their intention to resign. The checklist must be submitted no later than eight weeks before the proposed leave date.

Template for more than four pieces of equipment – (Word, 15KB)


Template for more than four clinical trials/studies – (Word, 14KB)